No matter what your fitness level or goals are we have a program that is a great fit for you.  Whether its the highly social atmosphere our Group Exercise program or the fun full body workout of our Amplify program (Balls, Bells and Ropes, Suspension, etc..) or the intense Body Vigor program specifically designed for you, we have what you need.

Our group exercise program is a high energy, fun and social atmosphere that will insure you never have boring time working out.

Team Training is a trainer led cardio and strength conditioning session that will be sure to give you a full body workout. These training sessions will push you to that next level no matter what your current fitness level is. Balls, Bells and Ropes, Suspension and HIIT are just a few the training sessions that we offer
You’ll experience the professional guidance of a Personal Trainer along with the support of a small group! These interval training sessions will shake up your workout routine and help push you past your fitness plateau. Whether you’ve been looking for a workout you can do with a friend or join a group of other members, add this fun fitness program into your workout routine![/tx_services]
1 on 1
If you require undivided individual attention from a trainer 1 on 1 is the option for you. Every training session is 100% geared towards you and helping you accomplish your goals.
Specialized Training
We also offer several classes or training sessions that revolve around specific demographics or disciplines. For our Senior Citizens we have Forever Fit and mobility classes. We also modified some of our training sessions specifically to address the fitness needs of our local Fire Department to name a couple.
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If you would like any further info on any of our classes or training offerings please give us a call at (504) 277-1140